The Sunday Skim



We're knee-deep in laundry and a very long packing list and to-do list.   Besides laundry, our biggest goal this week was to finish gearing up for our trip to Portugal.  #success 

No. 1

This week we launched the website!  #$%, finally, right?!

No. 2

This weekend we did a little "spring" cleaning. The weather was so nice, we couldn't pass on the chance to get outside.  Bryan tackled the garage - a space we have seriously neglected since wedding season.   I tackled the attic and our shared office space.  It's always so freeing to trash junk that's taking up space.  However, our desk is feeling a little too clean.  I need a plant or something to bring it back to life.


No. 3

I'm looking for a packing miracle!  I bought this tiny carry-on rolling bag from Herschel during a Christmas sale, but not sure I can fit seven days worth of clothes in it.  We are nuts to carry-on, but it's cheaper!  My husband is el cheapo, as my friend Alyssa says! 

No. 4

In the spirit of rebranding, I wanted something cool for our office that represented our new company name.  Check out the pendants Rita from The Uptown Heritage Co. created.  We went with the black and white font.  This bad boy is 50" wide - still trying to find the best place to hang it.  

Coston & Co Pennant Options-01.jpg

No. 5

Last week, I made an impulse purchase from from HSN - a badass drying rack.  I've been putting it to good use this week.  I think it's worth the $39!

No. 6

Since having kids, we changed all our detergents to free and clear to avoid any skin reactions.  But, I think laundry is so boring when it doesn't smell fresh.  So, I found this amazing pod option.  Loving how it's freshening up the laundry room and entire downstairs.  And, no reactions yet!

No. 7

Still looking for that perfect piece of land here in Nashville to build our next house on.  Last summer,  I started designing a house when we thought we were moving to Texas.  We didn't move, obviously, but we created a really cool floor plan that included a back staircase to a garage apartment.  Next house, this photo is front and center for our garage apartment.

Designed by   Studio McGee

Designed by Studio McGee