The Sunday Skim



We're thawing out from the major winter storm hitting Nashville this week.  It feels like we've been locked in the house for days!  And, sweet Clyde is going on a five-day weekend because of all the school closings - ice in the South is never a good thing. 

This week we gearing up for a walkthrough, website launch and packing!  Not to mention, we're adulting in big ways as we prepare for our out of the country trip with completing a POA (Power of Attorney) and passport renewals.  We're headed to Madeira Island next week, and Grandma is coming in to watch Clyde for a glorious seven days.

No. 1

In preparation for our trip, I've been purchasing gear - hiking gear.  REI and I have really become well acquainted.  There's a market for cute hiking pants with some shape.  Everything I tried on was a little dated and bulky.  Maybe I'm jaded from the skinny jean movement. 

No. 2

Bryan officially launched Q'Boys BBQ! We cooked in the snow this weekend! 

No. 3

We're working a new design and here's my inspiration! 

Photo by   Carretto Studio

No. 4

During lunch, I typically watch the news.  One day this week HSN was on and the most perfect drying rack appeared.  For the first time ever, I bought something from HSN!  #totalsucker   Stay tuned if this bad boy is worth the $39. 

StoreSmith Open.jpg

No. 5

As we finalize the website and prepare for the relaunch, I've been dreaming up new merch to put in the shop.  One night, after some wine, I dreamed up "But first, prenup"!  Too much?!  This one probably won't make the cut. 

No. 6

I'm feeling the urge more than ever to dream big about our future farm house.  This image gave me all the warm and fuzzies.  That water fountain is everything. 

Design by   Studio McGee

Design by Studio McGee

No. 7

In 2018, floral is going to be out of this world. We're super pumped to be working with Janna Brown on a May wedding at one of our favorite venues, Bloomsbury Farm!  She's planning this stunning ceremony arch.  

Floral Design by   Studio Mondine   , Photos by   Brosnan Photographic

Floral Design by Studio Mondine , Photos by Brosnan Photographic

Have the best week, stay warm and stay tuned for the website reveal!