The Sunday Skim



2018, here we are!  Coming into the new year with a big, bad COLD.  Even the dog is sick with an ear infection. Ew.  #schoollife  But, we're slowly on the mend and heading into the week excited to get back into our routine. 


No. 1

At the end of the month, our dear friend Alyssa is turning 30.  And, we're headed to Portugal.  Can't wait, so I bought some new sneaks for the trip.  On sale, too!

No. 2

After a break from planning over the holidays, I was feeling a little burnt out. Although branding stuff is fun, I'm feeling a little like a rundown bride.  I'm tired of making decisions.  But, after a quick chat with a stranger about their career in event planning, my spark is back.  I often wonder if I'll ever really lose the passion for this work.   I always seem to find my way back. 

No. 3

We're so close to completing the website!  The countdown is in the single digits, I think. 

No. 4

I'm on the hunt for a new shampoo.  Lots of hype about Monat.  After kids, my hair is so thick it's hard to manage.  Suggestions, hair experts?

No. 5

This week, we're meeting with summer wedding clients!  We have a wedding at 21c and just signed on for a wedding at Cannery ONE!  

No. 6

After visiting Texas, we've really got the itch to build.  We've narrowed our search area to one specific part of Nashville.  Now, we just need more inventory and an archetict. 

No. 7

I've been staying in-touch with my 82-year-old grandmother via iMessage and FaceTime after gifting her an iPad!  Hell, she might be reading this post! 



Stay healthy and have a phenamanual week!

xx - A