The Sunday Skim



2018 is on our heels, and we're prepping the champs.  Our family is ringing in the new year in Texas - out in the sticks and completely off the grid.  So much so, internet is a little hit or miss. The last Sunday Skim of the year deserves some special treatment.  We're revisiting our seven favorite moments of the year!  

The Costons - NYE 2017 - Fredericksburg, TX

No. 1

Witnessing 15 client weddings and one family wedding. 



No. 2


Celebrating all Clyde's firsts!  

Started Crawling
First Beach Trip
First Swim
First Train Ride
First Lake Trip
First Fireworks
Started Walking
First Day of School
First Trick or Treating
Started Talking

And so many more we can't even keep up!



No. 3

Celebrating three years of marriage with BC! 


No. 4

Hiring a mentor, changing our company name and rebranding.


No. 5

Attending two vendor retreats and nourishing friendorships!  So grateful for our senior assistant, Alyssa.  #shesallthethings



No. 6

Finally losing all the baby weight. 


No. 7

Embracing how-to be me.  

The Costons - NYE 2017 - Fredericksburg, TX

We've been out of the office the past few weeks traveling across the country. We're ending our hiatus from work at my favorite place, my dad's ranch!   Rio Vista Ranch has been a moving target over the last few years.  The ranch started in Oklahoma, moved to Colorado in 2014 and has finally made it's way back home to Texas.  Dad is home - so no matter the state, I'll keep coming home.

Hope you all have a safe, enjoyable new year's celebration.  We're deer hunting, eating our black eyed peas and probably won't see midnight!

See you next year!  

xx -
The Costons