The Sunday Skim



Coming into this week’s Sunday Skim from my aisle seat on our flight home from Napa!  Bryan and I celebrated our anniversary in the Valley on long weekend adventure visiting a record high seven vineyards.  Not to mention, we stuffed our suitcase with about six bottles of wine and shipped six home!  I think we have officially started a wine library - that sounds way fancier that it is!  I’m all wined out, which is a little unbelievable. 


No. 1

Our top spots this trip in Napa were Antica and Tuck Beckstoffer!  Two small operations with really incredible customer service and memorable tastings.

No. 2

Favorite food stop in Napa was a random Sunday brunch at Southside Cafe.  Totally not on my radar, but amazing.

No. 3

Totally blew ketosis this weekend - too many carbs in all that wine I drank.  Ready to get back on track. 

No. 4

I’ve rearranged and reworked our home layout about 100x times. After visiting a winery over the weekend, I had an itch to transform the most current floor plan to a U-shape for better entertaining.  

No. 5

I think I’ve convinced myself that we need to visit the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes this summer. 

No. 6

We have three walkthroughs this week, and we’re excited to see some of our couples for the last time before their wedding.

No. 7

So ready to detox this week and get my head on straight for the next eight weeks of organized chaos.  You ready for all those BTS instagram stories?

Cover Photo / Michelle Walker at Odette Estate 



Have a great week, friends!