The Sunday Skim



This week was all about self care.  I had a massage and tried microplaning (shaving your face)!  All good experiences.  We're gearing up for wedding season. For us that means officially closing and filing taxes, starting timelines and attending final walkthroughs!  Full steam ahead as we enter into spring!

No. 1

I'm still on the Keto Diet train.  My mental clarity is better, but I'm not sure it's 100% clear.  I'm going to give this hight fat business another two weeks.  TBD on if this is life changing enough to continue.  

No. 2

Clyde had his first haircut, and I didn't cry!  He did though! We went to Local Honey off 8th and saw Bre Butler.  She killed it and has the patience of an angel. 



No. 3

I bought all of Clyde's summer/early fall clothing this weekend - Old Navy had a 35% off sale, so I saved like $200.  


No. 4

We made our Easter weekend plans - headed up to Kentucky to hang on the Hart Farm. Last year, Clyde was only 9 months old and crawling.  This year, he'll be able to hang with the other kids to hunt Easter eggs.  In preparation, I bought his basket (more of a bucket)! 


No. 5

Laundry was the story of my life this week.  Bryan got home from a long trip to Vegas, and it seemed like I couldn't catch up!  I hate spending weekends doing laundry.  I'm thinking about doing a few loads during the week to break it up. 

No. 6

Bryan got a promotion at work!  YASSS!  He's worked so incredibly hard over the last year waiting for this moment.  We're so proud of him!  Nothing changes on our end - we don't have to move out of state or to a different city, thankfully.

No. 7

The house/building saga continues.  Basically, no news. 



Have a great week and enjoy all the stunning blooms!