The Sunday Skim



We had an interesting week, at least in our personal lives.  B interviewed for a promotion (fingers crossed).  I started Keto.  Clyde is sick (again).  

Also, I've really let myself go over the winter.  So, this week and next I'm focusing on self- care. That's such a hot topic on social media, but truly it's important for your well being.  That means a massage, facial and some down time for me over the next week.  I always feel so rejuvenated after I have spent time getting back to basics.  

No. 1

Over the last year, I've struggled with serious brain fog.  So serious I had a conversation with my doc about it. We did multiple blood tests checking for thyroid issues, and at the end of the day nothing obvious appeared.  So,  after hearing some positive feedback about the Keto Diet, I decided to jump onboard.  With weightless and mental clarity as the benefits, it was worth a try.  I bought this book, and got to work.  I'm definitely have some Keto flu issues over here, but I'm fighting through it.  I hope in the next week, my body will start using fat to fuel my body vs. carbs.  Until then, I'm kind of hating meal time.  Stay tuned, hoping the next week will bring better results.   

No. 2

In other exciting news, our neighbors sold their house!  Yep, took a total of 8 days.  And, we've kicked our land search into high gear.  Bryan is onboard and we're doing this thing.  We'll sell our house in early summer and rent until we build.  We're looking for that perfect interior designer/architect/contractor to bring along for this journey!  Any recs?

No. 3

Last April, we took a beach trip and had the best time!  We had so much fun, that we decided to book another trip this year.  Now that Clyde is walking, we're hoping he'll love it even more more.  We invited our parents and some friends, so it'll be a full house.  Speaking of the house, it's stunning.  And, we learned from some friends last year that best time to take a trip to the beach is after spring break and before school is out.  Coming for ya 30A!

No. 4

In an effort to get serious about building a home, I did some serious purging of my "dream home" Pinterest board.  It's categorized now, but still needs some refining.   I need fresh eyes on it to pull out the common themes.


No. 5

Today, we celebrated my sweet friend, Anna! She's expecting her first babe in April.  Isn't she gorgeous?!  She had the sweetest shower at Fort Louise 

Fab Friends

No. 6

Speaking of self-care, I'm thinking about microblading for my eyebrows.  I have a serious (not that serious) wanky left eyebrow.  The hair just won't grow in.  Anyone tried this?  It's permanent cosmetics, which is a little scary. Just the word permanent totally freaks me out.  It's my face, I can't exactly hide from a bad experience.  

No. 7

After living under a rock and in a funk for the last few weeks, I'm coming out of the winter blues. The branches are blooming, and I've never been more excited for more sunshine!  Bring it spring!