The Sunday Skim



We had a productive, but mentally tough week.  Slowing down today to reflect.  

No. 1

First, I'm sick - ugh.  After getting the flu shot on Monday, while getting sick, the week ended with me buried in cough drops, Kleenex and Benadryl.  Good news, I'm on the mend! 

No. 2

With the hopes that winter is coming to an end in the next month or so, I've been shopping Spring finds for Clyde.  I love H&M because of the price point.  Here's what is in my cart - 

He's in a weird size still - 2T on top and 12-18 months on bottom.  He's definitely built like dad!


No. 3

We booked a trip to Napa Valley in March to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary!  Yasss!  I'm so excited to head back to wine country. We haven't been back since we got married!  Definitely will share all our eats and winery visits! 

No. 4

I met with a local mom yesterday who lost her sweet daughter at 28 weeks.  When we meet with other families, we relive the day Beau passed.  Unfortunately, it usually leaves a heavy mark on my day, and in this case my weekend.  But, I'm so thankful we can help in some small way when there's truly nothing that can make grieving parents feel comfort. 

No. 5

Remember when I shared Arlie's story last week, well we've been keeping up with her all week on IG.  She's fighting an infection this week, a tummy ache and mood changes from steroids.  After listening to Lisa talk about how hard this week has been, it puts life into perspective.  Like my cold virus is peanuts.  This sweet girl is fighting for her life.  F**k f**cking cancer.  I might wear that shirt every day.  Arlie's parents are solid rocks and total fighters making the absolute best out of the worst. 

There's so much joy in planning weddings and bringing families together.  I want our clients to enjoy every ounce of planning and to let the small stuff go.  Because after wedding planning comes real life, and in part, this is just the beginning of working through all the joys and sorrows on the other side.  

No. 6

After our neighbors listed their house for sale on Friday, we're feeling more serious about moving than ever.  Still on the hunt for the perfect area, perfect land, perfect situation, but does that exist?  I am determined to find it. 

No. 7

Ending this week with a big sigh, heavy heart, and a question mark.  I feel like there's more we can do to make a difference, a BIG difference.  I'm hoping to figure out exactly what that looks like this year to bring some fulfillment to this empty, gut-wrenching pain I feel when we stand-by and see people hurting. There has to be something we can do to make an impact.  If there's an easy answer here, I'm all ears.  

And, because this post was heavy, I just want to be clear that we (my family) live an exceptional life.  We're healthy, fed and together.  Life hasn't always been so happy or so healthy, but we are in a season of good.  We're thankful, period.