The Sunday Skim



It's been a week of getting back on track, preparing for our Spring wedding season and fighting germs.  Everyone seems to be sick including Clyde!  

No. 1

Cleaning every single thing in my house currently with this!

No. 2

Have you heard that Zinc can help shorten your cold?  Trust me, I'm the biggest skeptic. But, since Clyde has been in school, it's saved me on many occasions from getting a full on cold.  I definitely still get the sniffles, but I avoid a sore throat and three weeks of gross.


No. 3

It's February and basically summer in the fashion world.  Shopping so many new favs from Target!  

No. 4

We looked at some land this weekend - yay!  But, it was a nay.  Too much road noise from the highway.  And, the hunt continues for the farm dream.  In the meantime, itching so badly to finalize design plans including the perfect kitchen nook in our garage apartment. 

One Kings Lane  via  Bloglovin'

One Kings Lane  via Bloglovin'

No. 5

I've been following a story about a friend's daughter, Arlie, who is fighting leukemia.  She needs a bone marrow transplant.  This week, I signed up with Be The Match.  It's so easy to get a cheek swab sent to your house and determine if you're a match.  Your tissue is included in a registry for marrow transplant patients.  The process seems so seamless.  Fingers crossed I'm a match for someone. 


No. 6

In the last couple of years, and especially after becoming an entrepreneur, I've loved helping people find their way.  Whether that's through sharing my experience to living my "dream job" or sharing my struggles to provide encouragement.  I'm dreaming about sharing my process and working documents to planners-to-be in 2019.    

No. 7

This week, I'm feeling grateful for a group of women in my life that keep it real.  We meet tomorrow and it's the highlight of my week!