The Sunday Skim



Merry Christmas Eve!  This week, we're pulling away from our typical Sunday Skim list and links to send a very merry note to all our clients, vendors and readers. 

This season, we're more thankful than ever for the gift of our happiness.  Because of Clyde, the Christmas spirit and the magic of the holidays was reborn this year.  We danced, listened to Christmas music and watched more cheesy holiday movies than ever.  Truly, to see the season in the eyes of a child is the only way.  He's the light of our lives, and until this holiday season, I'm not sure we really understood that. 

In addition to the magic of Christmas, we're feeling especially thankful for the history we witnessed this year.  We're forever a part of so many love stories and the beginning of so many families.  When we stop to think about the significance of what we're doing, it really takes our breath away.  It's this time of year when the we slow down, and we have the chance to really reflect on all we've been a part of over the past year.  

And, most importantly, we're thankful for each other and our health.  It's no secret our little family has overcome a great deal of loss after losing our son in 2015.  But, we've gained so much in each other and in our perspective to live our lives.  Clyde has helped us find happiness and hope again that the future can be bright.  Not to mention, we're healthy this year.  Our health gives us promise that we'll have strength to survive and thrive next year! 

Wishing you all a season of magic and memories - 

The Costons