The Sunday Skim



Coming into this week's Sunday Skim from New York City!  When I was in grade school, I dreamed of going to NYC when I turned 16.  My grandmother was a world traveler, and I hoped she would take me.  I didn't make it when I was 16, but I have visited quite a few times in my 20s/30s.  It's a mean, dirty, magical place that holds such a special place in my heart!  I'll never forget my first trip, and the young eyes that saw this city for it's beauty through diversity.  

No. 1

We're on our last day in the City showing Clyde all the fun lights and festive store fronts. 


No. 2

Clyde saw SNOW this week!  He loved it. Then, he face-planted.  Now, it's a love-hate relationship. 

Clyde Coston - NYC 2017

No. 3

We saw a sneak peek of our office tour / branding shoot!  So pumped to share more photos as we unfold our new brand slowly into 2018.  As we prepare for our spring wedding season, we ordered our new shirts (including Clyde's little long sleeve)!

Coston and Co. Tee Shirts
Coston and Co Tee Shirts - Army Green
Coston and Co. Tee Shirts

No. 4

Christmas is in eight days!  I need more time!  I don't want the season to end.  We're soaking up all the cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix we can find, drinking egg nog, listening to Christmas music and burning Christmas candles.  #christmasstayforever


No. 5

'Tis the season for hosting!  I'm on the hunt for good, fun hand towels that I can utilize all year round.  Here's my list of good finds for your guest bath!

No. 6



What do you get for your tiny toddlers for Christmas?  I don't want to embark on any bad gifting habits and create a Christmas monster.  We decided on one large gift this year - a wagon!

              via   Radio Flyer Wagons

              via Radio Flyer Wagons

No. 7

If you're gearing up to spend time with the in-laws, siblings, unwanted house guests or wanted house guests, you need to stock up on this!  It's like Christmas in a bottle.  You're welcome! 


Have an amazing week - I hope it's slow motion as we near Christmas! 

xx- A