The Sunday Skim



No. 1

It has been the shortest, fastest week preparing for our branding photoshoot.  The shoot went smoothly, but I didn't get a single behind-the-scenes photo or video.  Next time, we'll have a designated #bts assistant! 


No. 2

We're all sick this week and trying to recover before we leave as a family to NYC on Friday! We are so excited to share in the magic of New York with Clyde!  


No. 3

Full steam ahead on transforming Southern Social Event Co. to Coston & Co.  We finalized our branding - here's a quick glance! 

photos via  Pinterest  

photos via Pinterest 

No. 4

We're on the hunt for some land to move outside the city!  I grew up on a small ranch, and I want Clyde to enjoy the freedom of roaming.  We looked at a property this week. Not sure it's a perfect fit, but it's been so fun to start to get serious about our dream to build.  


No. 5

This week, we present a wedding design and vendor line-up for an upcoming spring wedding.  More to come on the final details, but here's a glance at some of the items we're planning!  I can say we're not straying far from our favorite color palette. 

Nashville, TN - Spring Wedding - Farm Tables

No. 6

The countdown to the holidays is nearly in the single digits!   I finished shopping for our parents.  But, this week I'm on the hunt for great gifts for our Nashville friends.  We usually purchase crowd pleasers - alcohol and kitchen gadgets. 


No. 7

We're so thankful for a full year of weddings and clients that have shown our family so much love.  It's really hard to believe that this is our reality.  Four years ago, this was my dream!  I don't want the exhaustion of the season and pursuit of more to fog our accomplishments and steal our current joy!  So, cheers to slowing down this season and making it count!