The Sunday Skim



Writing from my couch this Sunday with the sounds of dryer balls going round and round - glamorous.  Also, baking some homemade bread.  Baking in the bread maker - is that the same?   Bryan's traveling home from a hunting trip in Texas.  Gearing up for a busy week of vendor meetings and some exciting business adventures. 


No. 1

Do you use dryer balls? I converted over to these when I was pregnant with Clyde to cut down on the chemicals in our laundry from dryer sheets.  I use this lavender oil on the balls and it works like a charm. 

No. 2

It's slow season around here, but you wouldn't know it by the bags under my eyes, my empty bottle of dry shampoo and the late nights! We're rebranding to Coston & Co. in 2018, and I am feeling so energized with writing new copy for our lookbook, updated website and welcome packet.  After creating a Pinterest board for some direction, I'm feeing even more connected.  Little glimpse below. 

coston & co branding inspiration.png

No. 3

We made our way to the Nashville Christmas Parade this weekend!  Clyde tolerated the cold well in his head-to-toe Carhartt outfit.  

Nashville Christmas Parade 2017 - Clyde Coston
Nashville Christmas Parade 2017
Nashville Christmas Parade 2017

No. 4

Confession, I've been wearing my QALO band more than my wedding band.  It's so comfortable and easy to get on and off.  Now that it's nearly winter, my hands are in gloves most of the time.  And, during wedding season, forget it.  It's all I wear.  

No. 5

Speaking of rebranding, we're planning an office tour photoshoot to give a little behind-the-scenes of our day to day.  It's in many ways like planning a small event with numbered boxes and shot list spreadsheets.  

No. 6

I bought this activewear sweater at a random run to Target. I  sized up to a large for extra comfort. Wore it all week and only took it off to wash!  It's that good.  

No. 7

I'm curious how other people keep gifts from their spouses a surprise.  I shipped all of his gifts to a friend's address.  Any ideas?  And, a few items on my wish list this year! 




Ashley's Christmas Wish List


Have a great week!  Looking forward to sharing all about the photoshoot next week - A