Photographer, Lindsey Mueller's, July 4th Wedding


Fireworks, new friends and a sweet little town in Virginia - that's how we spent fourth of July!  Our dear friends, Lindsey and Justin, were married in Lindsey's hometown of Roanoke, VA at the newly renovated and restored Patrick Henry Ballroom.  The Ballroom isn't your typical carpeted, dark hole.  With floor-to-ceiling windows, original hardwoods and a stunning fireplace, we couldn't fail.  Lindsey has exceptional taste - we know first hand after working with her on several projects in Austin!  We'd go anywhere with her! 


Style for days.  The bridal party dressed to the nines.  Flowers overflowing.  Chandeliers. Oh my, the setting was dreamy.  We enjoyed every second of planning and partying with Lindsey and Justin!  Enjoy these gorgeous images of the incredible architecture from the Ballroom - we knew we weren't in Texas anymore the moment we walked in. 

Photography /  Lauren Rosenau

Photography / Lauren Rosenau