Get the Look: Tall Modern Centerpieces


In the last couple of years, we've seen the traditional, tall candelabra centerpieces transition.  You know, the really rounded, full of hydrangea fit for a ballroom.  Now, there's movement of more organic, modern vases and we're pulling away from the structured ball of flowers to more wild and fun designs.  

It's worthy of mentioning, we mostly design outdoor weddings.  So, typically, we shy away from design elements that might get caught in the wind.  But, that's not to say we don't love the idea and impact of a tall arrangement. Also, we think there are some vases that just might stand up to the elements.  We've linked a few of our favorites below - all these risers, stands and vases are available at Accent Decor - our go-to for different, curated vessels. 

Tall Modern Centerpieces

We believe there's a time and a place for these tall arrangements, but the wedding has to be just right!  If you want guests to be able to chat without rocking side-to-side to find a window to see each other, maybe only use one large arrangement per table or at a round table.  Or, use a shorter compote style better suited for your table design.  

If you're filling a room with tall ceilings, this option is really great at drawing the eye up - which is why we see these in the ballroom setting so often.  Typically, we love a mix of tall and short to give variety and a layered look.