Friday Inspiration: Our Top Pinned Images


We're back from vacation, catching up on laundry and snuggles with Clyde.  Bryan is gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday - he's a huge Patriots fan after living in Boston for a few years.  Not to mention, Tom Brady is his man crush.   

So many fresh designs on Pinterest this week including some badass rentals, modern place settings and a garden wedding that's blowing our mind.  



Classic meets modern.

Planned by   East Made Event Company ,  Photo by     M    ichael and Carina ,  Stationery by   Script and Vine

Modern event rentals that we want to bring to Nashville! 

Designed by    E     vents by O'ccasions  , Photo by    G     retchen Gause

Designed by Events by O'ccasions, Photo by Gretchen Gause

These chairs are everything.

Planning by   Jacin Fitzgerald ,  Photo by   Tec Petaja

Planning by Jacin Fitzgerald, Photo by Tec Petaja

The perfect pair of plates. 

Styled by  Lorraine Lee , Photo by   Meghan Mehan

Styled by Lorraine Lee, Photo by Meghan Mehan

Modern garden - this look at Belle Meade Plantation would be incredible. 

Photo by    Tec Petaja ,    Planned by   Jacin Fitgerald

Photo by Tec Petaja,  Planned by Jacin Fitgerald



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